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Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary - A Photographic Remembrance - Ruud van der Rol, Rian Verhoeven, Anna Quindlen, Anne Frank, Tony Langham, Plym Peters

The book i read was Anne Frank Beyond the Diary. It was about Anne Frank and her family and how they lived a good life, but it all got ruined when they had to go into hiding because of they religion and appearance. She had a diary named Kitty and she wrote about her life when she was in hiding. After hiding for two years they got caught and were sent to concentration camps and there Anne, her sister and their mother died and Otto their father was able to survive and tell their whole story in the Secret Annex.

   This text relates to the whole world war 2 because just like Anne Frank and her family there was lots of other families that went into hiding and got caught and others that didnt even get the chance to hide. Also because it had a big impact on the world ever since it happened and because it was alot of people who died not just anne and her family. 

  I would reccomend it to others but at the same time i wouldnt because its a good book and the pictures was interesting but at the same time its a little sad because everything about the situation is sad and it was a lot of discrimination and all that.