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The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

the book i read was about this kid named charlie he write to somebody unknown and hes discusses his past and other thing like when his aunt died and bestfriend commited suicide hes a very good reader and writer and his english teacher notices that. he befriends two seniors and together they go on adventures and charlie has his first kiss. he also has flashbacks or traumatic expierences


   This book connects to the world because there are alot of cases where kids might have been molested or might have been in a traumatizing events and that might cause them to be as not social as the other kids and do and go through some of the things that  charlie also goes through on a daily basis.


   I would reccomend this book to other people because its a good book and you can learn some stuff from reading this book. Also because its kind of realistic. i would reccomend this to people that like young adult fiction.